Thursday, 9 July 2015

Father's Arms

This is a song I wrote years ago when my daughters were little.

1. Life is new, she’s so tiny, looks so helpless
If I drop her will she break, I don’t know
I’m kinda scared; I’ve never been a daddy
Will I be a good one? God I hope so.

In her father’s arms she is sleeping
Sheltered from the world and all its harms
The world is bigger than she knows but for this moment
Her whole world is her father’s arms.

2. Time goes on, she’s growing up too quickly,
Making other friends, not so much time for Dad,
But he peeks at her asleep at night and he wishes
She could stay this way forever, but she can’t.

3. From a girl to a woman, years of changes;
Years of questions; “Dad, what’s life all about?”
Years of good times and of fun, of pain and heartaches,
But in her father’s arms there’s never any doubt.

In her father’s arms there’s a haven;
A shelter from the world and all its harms
The world outside can be dangerous and confusing
But it’s safe here in her father’s arms

4. On her father’s arm she is walking
Down the aisle to the new man in her life.
He lets her go and he smiles because he loves her.
She’s no longer just a daughter, she’s a wife.

5. By her father’s bed she is sitting,
Those arms, once so strong, now lie weakly by his side.
She holds his hand, she comforts him, he whispers,
“I love you,” then he dies.

In his Father’s arms he is sleeping,
Sheltered from the world and all its harms.
He has served the best he could but now it’s over
He is safe now in his Father’s arms.

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye
He is home and in his Father’s arms.

John Kivell
© 1992

I have now been through the first four verses, and have only the fifth to look forward to.

I hope you will forgive the low production quality.

Take Care.

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