Friday, 13 February 2015

High Horses (Obama's Prayer Breakfast Speech)

Frankly I did not find this speech as offensive as some apparently did. It seems to have brought apoplectic rage in some circles, but I think Mr Obama was rather balanced in what he said. However, I do have a few thoughts.

For some reason he seems to indicate that we, today, shouldn't be critical of other people's past actions because we, somehow, share the same history. That, to me, is a non sequitur.

Does the fact that injustices were committed in the distant past preclude us from condemning atrocities now being committed? Should we not be on our "high horses" condemning slavery, for instance, even though our own ancestors may have owned slaves? Does the fact that our forefathers may have owned slaves now eliminate from us the right to criticize slavery? Why should we who are alive today carry the guilt for things done hundreds of years ago over which we now living had no control and nothing to do with.

(I'm afraid I see a connection with Canada's treatment of our First Nations People, wringing our hands in guilt over actions of past generations instead of actually considering what can actually be effectively done to make things better now. In fact, this sense of guilt over our forefathers' past sins is probably preventing us from solving, or even addressing, the current situation.)

Lastly, Mr Obama seems quite at ease linking former crimes to Christianity, but somehow can't seem to connect current ones to Islam. I believe he specifically avoids referring to , "Islamic terrorists," even though that is what Islamic terrorists truly are.

Islam seems to be the religion whose name cannot be spoken negatively.

Anyway, just my thoughts.

Take Care

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