Tuesday, 16 July 2013

"Raising Awareness™" and Other Meaningless Cliches

Check out this video from CBC News and the idiot announcer doing the interview with a young lady campaigning to have Chris Brown's appearance at a music festival boycotted.
Frankly, I probably sympathize with her campaign, and, if I was ever tempted to attend a Chris Brown event, once I learned he was a violent partner-abuser, I too would probably, intentionally, not attend.

But look at some of the silliness from the announcer.

First of all he says that poor Chris has "paid his price to society," so to speak. And Rhianna has, "forgiven" him [like a moth to a flame, JK]. Shouldn't we?

Then he uses the completely meaningless cliché, "raising awareness™", actually suggests it to her, and she takes the bait. Frankly, I'm tired of the raising awareness™ nonsense. The clerk at the grocery store asked me if I wanted to donate a buck to cancer awareness. I said, "No thanks, I'm sure most people are aware of cancer by now." Just as I'm sure most people are aware of spousal abuse by now and that it is a bad thing.

Then he whines that because this woman is campaigning online against Chris Brown's appearance at a concert, there is a danger of similar campaigns being mounted against gay and minority entertainers. Yah, right! I would stand for anyone's right to start an anti-gay petition online, but I sure don't like the chances of it getting very far. Such a person would be lynched, virtually speaking.

And the, "other" meaningless cliché, I'm afraid, is the creating of, "memorials" by laying flowers, candles and other memorabilia at various sites where people have died. Aside from various traffic accident sites, the latest is the hotel in Vancouver where the guy from Glee died. What's the point? Does this somehow assuage an inner need for ritual. I suppose, and I'll probably be accused of insensitivity, but I just think it's silly.

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