Monday, 18 March 2013

Sympathy for Rapists

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Rape is wrong. Period.

But our sexually entitled society is playing itself out in so many other ways as well, so that every sexual desire seems to have a "right" to be satisfied. There seemed to be as much concern for the poor rapists and what they have done to their future in this story as for the victim.

Having said that, however, where is the parental guidance in all of this, both to raise their children to know that rape is wrong, and to be aware of their sons' (and daughters') attendance at an under-age drinking party. Yes, the young men concerned have blown their futures out of the water, and that is very sad indeed. And in the end, they themselves are entirely responsible, but who, or what else is?

Why and how have we come to the point where sexual activity, for 16-year-olds, is such an ordinary and expected part of their lives? The consequences for the general direction of our society's moral standards run deep.

Meanwhile, the chipping away of those moral underpinnings that have built and hold together a healthy society are continuing apace.

Take Care

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