Saturday, 1 December 2012

Is There More to Life Than This? - Nicky Gumbel

Or the original title,
"Christianity: Boring, Untrue, Irrelevant?"

Introductory video to the Alpha Course.

During the times when I seem to post sporadically, this is what I want people to see when they come here.

Take Care


Warren said...

If this is the end, you've chosen an honourable way to close the door; and remained true to your title - A Reasonable Faith. Most of my comments were ones of disagreement, but, had I chosen to comment on all of your posts, there would have been much agreement. It is an unfortunate characteristic of blogs that those with the most meaningful things to say don't get nearly as much attention as those that will say anything just to provoke a reaction.

You've had many thoughtful and reasoable things to say and this reader will miss you.

John K said...

Well, Warren, like I said, I can't promise there will be no more posts, but my posting has been sporadic to say the least so, like I also said, this is the first message I want people to see when they come here.