Sunday, 5 August 2012

There Are None So Blind...

... as those who refuse to see.

From here...

Another report confirms what should be obvious, but what certain leaders and opinion-makers cannot, because of either their biases or their blinders, cannot seem to admit: that morality has consequences, and that the breakdown in morality, resulting in the breakdown of the family, may quite possibly lead to a breakdown in our entire society. 

The report is one based on interviews with a number of families and individuals in Great Britain with histories with social service agencies. It shows the generational repetition of sexual abuse, sexual promiscuity, alcoholism and violence.
In one sense, they are victims, not of a social care system in no real position to address their problems, but of a culture which radically overemphasises personal freedom, especially in the sexual sphere, and sold the lie that personal commitment and biological ties were secondary to “self-actualisation”. As the evidence rolled in that this wasn't true, our media, political, academic and cultural elites doubled down on the delusion...
I believe the report (it is rather long) reinforces the obvious - that serial and common-law relationships are far more damaging than what we narrow minded conservatives would call, "traditional marriage." In fact, I've probably said it before, but in my opinion far greater damage has been done to our society by the acceptance of common-law arrangements as equivalent to marriage than has or will be by the issue of gay marriage.

And yes, there are some common-law marriages that work out, but so are there some people who smoke heavily and die at 100.

But so what?

Take Care.

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