Monday, 13 August 2012

Dawkins Admires Speech by Atheist Chaplain's Assistant

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I am writing this post, not because I wish to insult or cause hurt to the young soldier making the presentation, but because of the site on which it is posted - that of Richard Dawkins, whom I consider to be the most overblown, pompous and illogical thinker one could imagine. Mr Dawkins, or someone under his authority, obviously thought it must have been somehow meaningful.

The speech itself struck me as being rather adolescent, in writing, in delivery and in intellectual depth. Yet the atheists posting and commenting on it found it extremely emotional, soaring to heights of effusive praise, and some even almost to the point of tears. Oddly enough, the part considered most emotional is when he quotes the Bible (around 4:40)

But even if emotion can be explained by purely naturalistic means, why does it matter? If mankind has no spirit, no soul, then feelings must surely be ultimately meaningless. If we are no more than masses of material made up of various elements and running on electrical impulses, what is emotion at all?

Atheists speak of evil, and right, as if they are things they can define, which of course they can't, other than by applying their own subjective opinion to the terms. In the end the atheist position collapses because it is built on intellectual sand. Because no matter how far the atheist argument goes, there is always one more question to be asked. And eventually, even if we can imagine an infinity of questions, there comes a time when the final one cannot be answered.

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