Saturday, 26 November 2011

Highlights of My Las Vegas Trip

We went to the Grand Canyon, we strolled the strip and Fremont street, saw a woman with about an 8 foot bustline with whom tourists could pose for pictures, went to Verve church, but the highlight for me was this:

This is Carroll Shelby's first Cobra, the first one he ever built; the original British AC sportscar into which he put a Ford 260 c.i. V8. He has apparently been offered 23 million dollars for it, and turned it down.

For a time in the '80's Shelby went over to work with Chrysler products, following Lee Iacocca. Here is one of his cars, an Omni GLH. I mention this because when I owned my auto detailing company, one of my dealer customers sent me one to spiff up. On the way back to the dealership I came up against a Camaro IROC Z-28 at a stoplight. Never having been one to turn away from a stoplight challenge, I blew his doors off. The next light turned red too, but he hung well back, not wanting a homely blue 4 door to embarrass him again.

Take Care

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