Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Arguing With Atheists

A recent commenter on this blog has prompted me to post this. I will not link to his site because it is filled with adolescent-level profane rants and, frankly, carries absolutely zero credibility with any thinking person. His favourite weapon of logic is the ad hominem and his primary debating strategy amounts to, "...this is what I say and it's true, so there!" He appeals constantly to the argument from authority, which really is, "... so and so says such and such..." which is supposed to be enough to settle any argument, whether or not any proof or evidence is actually presented.

But it occurred to me that trying to discuss God's Existence with such a confirmed atheist is rather like trying to convince a blind person that blue exists. Or, as I've said before, a slug under a rock on the north shore of Alaska that doesn't believe in New York.

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