Saturday, 1 October 2011

An Announcement

I have been accepted as the Associate Regional Director for Alberta for Alpha Canada. Alpha has been very close to my heart for a number of years, and I am pleased and honoured that God has brought me to this position. My official title is Associate Director because I am transitioning into it from my current full time position with Raven Truck Accessories, one of the best companies anywhere to work for, by the way. (I'd like to give them a shout-out because Richard, the President, has been very accomodating in enabling me to take on my new Alpha duties, as well as remain on staff with Raven.) Although my official title is, "Associate Director," there is no, "Regional Director," so... I guess I'm it anyway. What can I say?

The Alpha Course is, in my opinion, just about the best tool, program, (call it what you will) for reaching out to those who do not yet know Christ, as well as helping to educate, edify, and bring into closer relationships, those already in the Body of Christ.

Here is a video of an interview with Nicky Gumbel, the man who, more than anyone else over the last 20 years, has helped grow Alpha into the international phenomenon that it is today. I hope you will watch it all.

My new position, by the way, is self-funded. In other words I will need the financial support of friends and others who have a desire to see new people brought into the Kingdom of God. Anyone who might like to contribute may click to the left where it says, "Support Alpha in Alberta."
Small monthly contributions would be wonderful. Large monthly contributions would be even more wondedrful :>) Any help would be very much appreciated.

In any event, please keep me in your prayers as I endeavor to follow the LORD's will and serve him as faithfully as I can in this new capacity.

Take Care,
John Kivell


Warren said...


I don't know if you receive a notification when a comment is made to an old post. Hopefully you'll see this. I would like to communicate with you via email re support for you in your Alpha role. I'm feeling led in that direction, but would like to know a bit more about your circumstances now that you've been doing the director job for a while.


John K said...

Thanks Warren,
Fire me an email at I hope there's no issue with giving that e-mail address out here publicly - it's on the Alpha Canada website for any sleuth who wants to find it, and I'm the only Regional Director with a name even close to John K.