Friday, 6 May 2011

Atheist Bus Ads Raptured From Kelowna Vehicles

So reads the headline on an atheist website regarding this story...

CTV British Columbia - Atheist ads vanish from Kelowna buses - CTV News

It is interesting to see the, "poor persecuted us" reaction from some of the atheist community, and the assumption that this foul act was perpetrated by their arch enemies, those ignorant, imbecilic fundamentalist Christians.

But I am just amused, as I was in the post three down from this one, at the silliness of this ad campaign. It is rather discouraging, to me as an observer of human activity, to think an intelligent person might consider the statement, "There probably is no god, now stop worrying and enjoy your life," is anything but a purely ridiculous thing to say. I am surprised that the Centre for Inquiry Canada, the sponsors of the campaign, would think themselves clever for saying it. The so-called, "free thinkers", as they like to be called, show themselves completely ignorant in their apparent belief that a faith in God actually makes the believer miserable or unhappy. I have said before that this new, "pompous atheism," so so set in the certainty of it's assumptions, is directly analogous to a grub under a rock on the north shore of Alaska declaring, "I don't believe in New York!"

Well, I have been on both sides of the fence. They have only been on one, so to avoid embarrassment they would do well not to make such subjective assumptions. I was a non-believer until I was 45 years of age, so not only have I been where they are, I was there long enough, and recently enough, to remember it, and believe me, I would not want to go back. It is like the difference, to make what is perhaps a totally inadequate analogy, between having a 20" black and white television and a 52" LCD flat screen. The person watching the black and white might be perfectly happy with it if they don't know there is anything better.

Besides, saying, "There's probably no god..." is akin to saying, in Russian roulette, "There's probably no bullet in the chamber, so stop worrying and pull the trigger." Or having the girl from the escort service say, "I probably don't have an STD, so stop worrying and enjoy yourself..."

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