Wednesday, 23 March 2011

No Wonder!

No wonder there is a split in Canadian Anglicanism. Check out the folowing two columns from the Anglican Journal, and pay particular attention to the comments. On the first, here..., it is the comments that tell the tale. Some of them are my own. But basically, see how far some go to avoid acknowledging the necessity of regeneration and belief for salvation.

The second, is a suggestion to change the name of the ACoC to something else. Many are in favour, some wanting to identify more closely with the ECUSA, but with one notable commenter thinking it a good thing to be, "... free from the baleful influence of the Articles of Religion."

One even suggested that the ACoC join with the (Evangelical) Lutherans and the United Church of Canada. What a club that would be! It would be a wide road indeed.

Take Care

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