Thursday, 10 February 2011

When You Hear it Like This...

How can you not be affected? How can you not be disgusted? How can you not feel pain?

From an article Here... about a former Planned Parenthood director who walked away.

Johnson describes holding the ultrasound probe on the woman’s abdomen and watching the screen as the abortion doctor worked and the mother cried. The fetus was at 13 weeks gestation based on the abortion doctor’s estimate, Johnson wrote.
“At first, the baby didn’t seem aware of the cannula,” she writes. (...the cannula is a hollow plastic tube that is connected to a vacuum-type pump by a flexible hose. The abortionist runs the tip of the cannula along the surface of the uterus causing the baby to be dislodged and sucked into the tube – either whole or in pieces). It gently probed the baby’s side, and for a quick second I felt relief. Of course, I thought. The fetus doesn’t feel pain. I had reassured countless women of this as I’d been taught by Planned Parenthood. The fetal tissue feels nothing as it is removed...
“The next movement was the sudden jerk of a tiny foot as the baby started kicking, as if it were trying to move away from the probing invader,” she continues. “As the cannula pressed its side, the baby began struggling to turn and twist away. It seemed clear to me that it could feel the cannula, and it did not like what it was feeling. And then the doctor’s voice broke through, startling me.
‘“Beam me up, Scotty,”’ he said lightheartedly to the nurse. He was telling her to turn on the suction – in an abortion the suction isn’t turned on until the doctor feels he has the cannula in exactly the right place...

The article also says Ms Johnson is leaving the Episcopal church because of their own pro-choice (read, "feel free to have one of these") stance. This, of course is similar to mainline protestant churches here in Canada, including the Anglican church.

How can anyone counsel such a thing without a very heavy heart?

Take Care
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