Friday, 28 January 2011

Against the World?

Doug Wilson makes a post involving G.K. Chesterton, whom I consider one of the most insightful writers I have ever read. I take it he was speaking about where society tends to be heading, and how almost all the population at any given time seems to tend to follow particular trends, just because everyone else is following that particular trend. What is a trend, after all, but whatever it is that a lot of people are doing or thinking. In any case, Wilson says, regarding Chesterton,
...when Chesterton spoke of those sociologists who spoke of the great need we have to accommodate ourselves to the trend of time, he noted that, in any given time, the trend of the time at its best consists of those who will not accommodate themselves to anything.

I think of a great flock of birds flying around. Have you ever seen this? The whole flock seems to be able to turn in the same direction at the same time. It is almost as if the flock is a thing of its own, not a collection of individual birds. It seems to be the same in society, whether the trend is moral, taste in entertainment or the stock market.

But if a certain trend is wrong, or in error, what or who will be remembered, the trend, or those who bucked it? In another quote from Wilson's post, he refers to St Athanasius. Athanasius stood against the Arian heresy in the fourth century, and he stood practically alone against the empire, but without him, we may have had quite a different Christianity than we now do. But as Wilson says,

Athanasius had to stand contra mundum [against the world], and it is he who is the representative man from that era, and not the whole world he had to contend against.

In another context, who do we remember; Wilberforce, who initially stood virtually alone in his fight against the slave trade? Or do we remember the names of his opponents?

Those who follow this blog will know that two of my foci are the encroaching tide of liberalism in the church and the parallel downward spiral of morality in society in general, which certainly seem to be the, "trend of our time,". I think that as time goes by, and these trends continue, as they surely will, those who stand for revealed Biblical truth and Godly standards of morality will stand increasingly alone in the face of ever greater opposition yet to come.

I realize this has been a bit of a shotgun post, but hopefully it all connects. At least in my mind it does. The world will go the way the world will go. My hope and personal desire is that some, whether or not through thoughts started by my writing, might come to realize that they can know the God who made them, and can come to a saving relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus of Nazareth.

Take Care

By the way, a biography of Athanasius may be found Here...

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