Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Here is Why

Here is why the split in the Anglican Church of Canada is inevitable and necessary. Check out This story in the Anglican Journal. The story is one with which we are familiar, but pay attention to the comments, particularly those of John (not me) and Geoff. They are starkly indicative of the great chasm that separates the two factions in our current dispute.

In them, personal opinion is categorically presented as indisputable fact. Subjective emotional feelings are treated as superior to Scripture. One commenter accused me of quoting, "Bible school" proof texts (even though I actually did no such thing), but no Scripture was given to support his case. It is wrong to exclude gays, it seems, because it is wrong to exclude gays, and that's it! And that's not even the "orthodox" position. We do not intend to, "exclude gays," we just feel that love compels us to point out wrong and dangerous behaviours, whatever the context, and separate ourselves from anyone who unrepentedly insists on continuing in them.

But it's as if "the other side" is determined to hold fast to their position just because it is their position. Trying to carry on a reasonable discussion is like trying to deal with children, when they hear something they don't like, sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming, "na na na na na na."

Take Care


David said...

In the full knowledge that it is futile, I just posted a comment there - hasn't appeared yet.

John K said...

I don't think there is comment moderation there. My comments appear immediately. Maybe you didn't get the code letters right.

David said...

Yes, I did get the code right and it still hasn't appeared, so I imagine it won't now.

They couldn't have banned me, surely. Could they? After I've been so nice?

John K said...

David, why don't you give me your comment and I'll post it the under your name?

Warren said...

David, maybe they have special blocking software just for you. :-0

My comment appeared right away too.

David said...

I just went to the site through a proxy server which would have hidden my IP address. My comment appeared immediately, confirming my suspicion.