Wednesday, 3 November 2010

This Is So Funny

Especially the strident lady in the red jacket who just keeps digging herself deeper and deeper into embarrassment (I gather someone eventually explained the meaning of, "Keynesian"Although in this case it is at the expense of who would probably be on the liberal side of things, such silliness is not exclusively theirs. It's just that I find it funny when someone so headstrong wades in on something they know nothing about. A number of years ago I remember a similar survey with members of the American public being asked the question, "Did you know that Ronald Raegan is a self-confessed heterosexual?"

By the way, I'm not completely familiar with economic theory, but I suspect he is Keynesian, isn't he?

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joseph said...

I saw this too and thought it was hilarious. Political humanity at its best!!

Don said...

It’s a matter of interpretation –
Obviously, this whole clip was contrived to make people look stupid or uninformed or ignorant etc. etc. etc. I must admit that I had to look up Keynesian before I “got it.” Well, I never really “got it,” I simply managed to understand to what lengths people will go to feel superior.
This is not humour, it is flagrant arrogance! It is someone providing a way to have a good laugh at someone else’s expense. It is a situation that is set up to ensure people will misinterpret what is being said. This is demonstrated by the fact that in this small sampling, only 1 of the people on the clip knew what Keynesian means. While I watched the clip, there were 8 separate respondents perhaps 9. Of the 8 or 9, only 1 made the comment that he didn’t know what Obama’s economic policies were. That 1 person was with a woman who, by the way, responded along with the vast majority that Obama was born in America and not in Kenya.
What I see is a lady who “heard” what the guy with the camera and microphone “wanted” her to hear. Then I heard her defend her president along with 7 of her peers. She just happened to be more “strident” about it. Who knows what goading was taking place between the clips of her taking her stand to make her even more strident.
Yes she was headstrong but it was on a subject on which she knew everything she needed to know. That is – was Obama a Kenyan? Don’t forget – that is what she heard no matter what was said.
She was set up to fail and it worked. Why do we think it is funny that she was made to look foolish while in fact she was “stridently” defending her president?
After all, “embarassment” is spelled incorrectly on the blog. What is our take away from that?
Sometimes I think we all need to take a look in the mirror.

John K said...

Hey Don,
I have corrected the spelling of 'embarrassment' as per my personal reply, but I think I must be losing it! I thought I always spelled it with on 'r' and two 'esses' but I did a search and found out I have spelled it correctly elsewhere. My memory must be going faster that I previously feared.
Please have mercy on an old man :)
(And BTW, I still think it's funny, but as I always tell people, 20 years ago the Lord gave me a new heart, but He let me keep my sick and twisted sense of humour.)