Thursday, 11 November 2010

Offensive Images

Photograph by: Greg Southam, The Journal, File, Edmonton Journal


This story brings a number of thoughts to mind. Barb Tarbox died of lung cancer a few years ago and even up to death was unable to kick her cigarette habit. But she became a campaigner against smoking, delivering her message in schools and to all who would listen, continuing to do so courageously and selflessly until the very end. As the story relates, it was even her wish that pictures of her, as ugly as possible, be taken and shown to demonstrate the evil results of her smoking habit.

Apparently the U.S government is considering putting these pictures on cigarette packages. The Canadian government has been hesitant to do the same. Frankly, in my opinion, rightly so. Why? Because, although I don't take a particular position on the pictures themselves, I believe they will do no good whatsoever. Smokers don't care what pictures are on the pack, they will buy them anyway -- the addiction is just that strong. Even Ms Tarbox smoked right up to the end of her life, unable (or unwilling, if I may be forgiven for presuming) to quit. Government do-good social dictators forcing manufacturers to put offensive pictures on cigarette packs, a legally saleable and heavily taxed product, is just a joke, in my opinion.

And of course the other thing is that pro-life demonstrators at Carleton University in Ottawa and elsewhere around the country, are arrested for showing images of the results of abortion, because they may be offensive to the public.

Just as history is written by the winners, so is what is offensive, decided by those with the power to declare it.

I'm not sayin'... I'm just sayin', y'know?

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Warren said...

One would hope that any decision taken would be founded on scientific evidence versus opinion. I didn't do much looking, but presumably other studies have been done along these lines: