Saturday, 11 September 2010

Arrogant Liberal Nonsense?

Not quite sure what to make of this
From Here...
A fly bothers me, I kill it: you kill what bothers you. If I had not killed the fly, it would have been out of pure liberalism: I am liberal in order not to be a killer.
Is whoever wrote this trying to say that conservatives kill what bothers them and liberals don't? If so, what an arrogant lie!

In addition to the reference in the article to euthanasia, I raise the even more obvious issue of abortion. What better example of killing what bothers you than that. Is a baby inconvenient? Get rid of it. That is the epitome of the liberal position.

It was the "liberals" a couple of generations ago who were behind the eugenics movement which, if not outright killing, was at least motivated by the attitude of, "getting rid of the less desirable."

It seems to me that liberals are the lest tolerant of all people. They are tolerant until someone disagrees with them. They can't seem to handle disagreement. Their arrogance is such that they see themselves as so right that they can't fathom how anyone could possibly challenge their thinking. Anyone who differs must be somehow less informed, less discerning, less intelligent -- even less human.

I'm sure that deep down, liberals would be quite happy to get rid of everyone who "bothers them." Wish that all who differ with them were just gone. Meaning all who do not share their agenda.

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