Sunday, 8 August 2010

Thank You Edson, Thank You God

Today was my final Sunday as a regular attendee at Edson Baptist Church. I can still remember the evening, about seven years ago, when I looked in the local paper to find that Edson Baptise held a Bible study on Wednesday evenings. I can remember joining for the first time a group of strangers who would become a new family to me.

Today was a day of mixed emotions. We have sold our house and move back to the Edmonton area this coming Friday, so next Sunday will be our first Sunday back at the church home we left those years ago in Edmonton. I am now officially a senior citizen, so am stepping back somewhat from my current position (store manager here in Edson), even though I expect to stay with my current employer in some capacity back in the Edmonton area. The move back to Edmonton is an answer to much prayer for God's will to be accomplished in our lives, and trust that it would be. Ever since we left, I have been unable to shake the conviction that God still had work for us back there. It certainly turned out to be His timing and not ours, but I am grateful that my wife and I, over about the past two years, actually came to a place of complete trust in His goodness and sovereignty.

I am truly thankful for my time in Edson, especially for my time attending Edson Baptist. What a joy and an encouragement to sit under solid Christ-centered teaching, in a fellowship free of the controversies of creeping liberalism. Now I find myself stepping away from the security of complete orthodoxy, back into a world controversy. Why? I don't know. What are we stepping into? Again, I don't know. But I am convinced that we are returning to whatever it is God has called us to do; however He has called us to serve.

I said to the congregation today, and I hope I was not misunderstood, that little Edson, a small town on the Yellowhead highway in west-central Alberta, and particularly Edson Baptist, is blessed beyond what they may know to have a pastor like Terry Staufffer, who preaches Christ unabashedly and uncompromisingly. One thing I will take from my time here is a reinforced conviction of the absolute centrality of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Terry and I had many discussions on various aspects of theology; Calvinism, election and the sovereignty of God come to mind in particular. I found that such discussions helped either form, transform or reinforce my own thinking in these areas. In some I found my view modifying toward his, in some solidifying my position in some of our differences, but in any case, the interaction was invaluable. I link to both Pastor Terry and Edson Baptist Church at the bottom of my blog, and those links will stay.

So thank you Edson, for my time here, and Thank you God, for bringing me here.

But thank You too, for taking me back home.

Take Care

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