Saturday, 19 June 2010

Turbo Buicks (Grand National Ranch?)

I now am the proud possessor of another Grand National, the newest one a highly modified '87 to go with my stock '84. I also bought this one on e-bay, from south of Tuscon. I put the decals on myself. I bought it to be a drag car -- a ministry or an outreach, hopefully involving youth, at the racetrack. It's amazing how many people approach me at gas stations etc. about it. Invariably they ask me what, "Boanerges" means. I have a story prepared. I tell them it is from the Bible. It is the name Jesus gave two of his disciples, James and John. Then I tell them what it means. I will not mention it here. If you don't know what it means, turn to Mark 3:17 for the translation. I joke that even back in his day, Jesus would have known Grand Nationals were coming, and he came up with the perfect name for a drag race car.

I have raced it a couple of times and frankly, I have been disappointed in my performance. The previous owner, south of Tuscon, was able to run in the 10's. I haven't been able to crack the 12's. I think it needs reprogramming for the altitude. Plus it needs a more skilful driver.

Some of my friends accuse me of trying to emulate This... if I come by a few more.

Take Care


Warren said...

Nice cars! Did you know that T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) called his bike-the Brough Superior SS100 that he was killed on in 1935-Boanerges?

John K said...

I guess I'd better be careful then! ;)

Warren said...

Hmmm, that didn't come out quite right. :-O