Tuesday, 30 March 2010

"Holiday Door Notice"

That was the title of the e-mail I received yesterday on my work computer from our company Head Office. It comes a few days before every statutory holiday.

But there was something not quite right about this one. It began,
"In order to allow our employees to enjoy Good Friday with their families..."

I winced. So this is what it has come to... Good Friday is merely another holiday to 'enjoy at home with one's family.' Talk about losing the true meaning!

I at least changed it to read, "In order to commemorate Good Friday and celebrate Easter Sunday..." I may not have gone far enough, but I don't own the business, and my employer once made me take the fish symbol off the back of my company truck.

But to me, Good Friday is not a day to enjoy with my family. It is a day to remember that it was for me that Jesus went to the cross. It was my sin that put him there. And I can't 'enjoy' thinking of that.

But Sunday's coming, and that'll be the time for joy!

Take Care


DK said...

I once heard a sermon that there was only one "Bad Friday." That was the Friday before the resurrection.
Now that we all know that the first Sunday after "Bad Friday" has happened, we can celebrate Friday as
"Good Friday" knowing that because of His sacrifice we can be saved.


John K said...

It occurs to me that the worst day of all for the first disciples might have been Saturday. The real impact of their beloved teacher's death would have sunk in. It would have been the first day since they'd known him that they would wake up with him gone, and they still would not yet have had the hope of Sunday morning.

The Nicky said...

My church choir performed a moving Easter cantata last year, a piece in three parts, with Good Friday's being a dark and somber interpretation that really made one consider the plight of the disciples that night and next day. Right on for making the observation, Johnny!