Thursday, 2 July 2009

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Frank Lombard is a partnered gay man who was elected, and therefore presumably with the approval of alll concerned, to a leadership position in an Episcopal Church -- one that labels itself as, "gay friendly." He has been accused of performing lewd sex acts on a 5-year old boy whom he adopted, in front of viewers of his webcam, and offering to an undercover detective the use of the boy for his own sex acts in exchange for money.

After his church attempted to remove any semblance of connection with Mr Lombard, then reversing its strategy and listing him as inactive, the bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina has finally issued a statement.
"Frank Lombard is a parishioner of a congregation in the diocese of North Carolina. It is the bishop’s policy that in matters such as these, clergy will cooperate fully with law enforcement and allow the judicial process to run its course. In keeping with this same policy, clergy will not comment on investigations which are still in progress. The bishops and clergy of this diocese are committed to making certain that all of our churches remain safe places where all may worship and serve God. The Church is providing pastoral care and spiritual guidance for all parishioners who have been affected by this painful situation.”

One has the sense that the church and the diocese are merely busy circling the wagons, more concerned with the embarassment of the situation, hoping it will just go away, than in condemning the acts themselves. Granted, the man is to be considered innocent under the law until proven guilty, but one would think the church would at least express some kind of horror at such heinous acts, regardless of who was the perpetrator.

And I would ask this; what do you think the coverage of the story would be if it were an evangelical Christian involved. I expect it would be all over the mainstream media like Michael Jackson or South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford over CNN. As it is, this is one of those sensitive issues in which liberal media just doesn't seem to want to get involved.

What was once the love that must not be spoken has become the one that must not be criticized.

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David said...

Yes, if this had been an evangelical Christian it would - quite rightly - have been a high profile story.

Being an unrepentant pessimist I fear we are seeing a foretaste of what is to come. Evil is never satisfied with the status quo - it has to get worse: children will be the next target.