Saturday, 11 April 2009


Fresh on the heels of This story from the Vancouver Sun (which includes this bit of imaginative speculation)...
When it comes to liberal Anglicanism, (Dean Peter) Elliott (of Vancouver's Christ Church Cathedral) defines Christianity’s “good news” in a somewhat different way than many evangelicals and Catholics.
Instead of emphasizing that “salvation” offers a guarantee of existence in an afterlife, Elliott defines salvation primarily as “healing.”
Instead of teaching that the Easter Sunday story is about the literal “resurrection of a corpse,” Elliott said it is a mystical account of “a new experience of God,” something beyond the confines of language.

...Comes this bit of nonsensical bafflegab from a column in the Edmonton Journal.
Easter introduces us to a God entirely without wrath. Easter reveals that it is our wrath that demands appeasing, our cursing and ostracizing violence that Christ takes upon himself. And it is his face that then approaches us in forgiveness and love.
The "atonement" of Easter, far from being a matter of right belief, is something that happens "toward" us. It opens within us a faltering but persistent realization that there is something so dark about us that we can't see it until we are forgiven of it.
But undergoing the mercy of this realization forever unsettles all our old ways of self-preservation -- from abject subservience to passive aggression to herd violence. And the degree that we sink into this forgiveness is the degree our world expands into possibility. And not for us alone.

Most of which makes no sense at all, but what was plain is a real headshaker. Jesus appeased our wrath???? And God, rather than a God whose wrath, apart from the covering righteousness of Christ we deserve, has become some kind of teddy bear god? He has become, in short, a lap dog god.

And guess what denomination the author is.

Makes you wonder what book he is reading as a substitute for the

But in truth (and in spite of anyone's theological fiction),
The Lord is risen!
He is risen indeed!

Take Care
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