Thursday, 5 March 2009

Anglican diocese to defy ban, perform same-sex blessings

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The Anglican diocese of Ottawa has come up with one of the most wierd and confusing examples of convoluted thinking and twisted logic I have ever seen.
In 2004, the worldwide church called for a moratorium on the rite...
But Archdeacon Ross Moulton of Ottawa said what his diocese is doing does not violate the moratorium because performing the ceremonies will help the diocese understand whether it is the right path to take.
"There is nothing in the moratorium that says we cannot continue to discern," he said.

That is akin to saying, as I commented here... that there really is nothing wrong with rape if it is just a part of a 'discernment process' to determine whether sexual assault is really wrong.

It would make a novel defence, wouldn't it?

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