Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas Sunday at +29 (Celsius)

Greetings from sunny Mazatlan. We went to church here today and sang Christmas carols. I felt odd singing about, "... a cold winter's night that was so deep," in the sweltering heat. This Vineyard Church is in a former bar, and has a number of ministries in the city, including a program of making sandwiches and taking them to the children who scrounge out an existence at the city dump.

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Sorry to all my friends suffering at -29 or so, but we'll be back home Christmas eve, and I understand it's not going to warm up at all for us.

Take Care

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Dave Groff said...

Yes, we woke up to -30C this morning in FF. A lot of things crossed my mind to write in response to you rubbing it in, but I've decided just to rejoice with those who are rejoicing. Enjoy your last day or so. Glad you were able to enjoy a warm break!