Thursday, 16 October 2008

This Is (Apparently) Not Made Up

From a comment on This thread...
It’s not the most bizarre thing I’ve seen this week (month?) from the ACoC though; that has to be a Hallows Eve resource handout from the Ottawa Diocese Christian Education distribution list which includes an “Evening Hymn for Autumn” to sing around “your smiling Halloween jack o’lantern”. Lyrics (I’m not making this up) are:
"O Great Pumpkin, O Great Pumpkin,
Give Us Light! Give Us Light!
On An Autumn Evening, On an Autumn Evening,
Give Us Light! Give Us Light!"

The email states that this material was originally developped by Diocese of Connecticut and helpfully suggests participants “check the comfort level of your priest before singing ‘An Evening Hymn for Autumn’ shown at the bottom of this handout which uses the Great Pumpkin language for God”.

The sender comments that this “wouldn’t be appropriate in all settings. Need to be clear who we are worshipping and why.”


Scary stuff.

Take Care

Update: A more complete post on this subject is Here... Apparently this wonderful new addition to the world's hymnody is to be sung to the tune of 'Frere Jacques'

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