Saturday, 4 October 2008

A Most God-Honouring Service

The funeral service for Emily Stauffer was the most God-honouring event I have ever experienced, and that includes some wonderful services, concerts and conferences, including Alpha conferences. It was at once touching and joyful. I hope (subject to any possible deference to the privacy and feelings of the Stauffer family) that the entire service would become available to the public. It would make a great television special on a Christian channel. I'm sure parts of it may become available on YouTube and I hope they will be widely viewed.

Many of the media have presented the service and the events of the past week with great sensitivity, in my opinion. Here is a link to some of the coverage by CFRN, the Edmonton CTV affiliate. I hope this link will be a permanent one.


Take Care

Edited to add: Although I link to Pastor Terry's blog below, check it out here... to see the comments that have poured in from across our nation and around the world.

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