Thursday, 7 August 2008

But We're Still Doing It

According to The MCJ, now that the Lambeth Conference is out of the way, Episcopalians can get back to doing what they do better than just about anyone. Totally meaningless gestures that will make them feel morally superior to everyone else with whom they're forced to share a planet:

From Here...
A two-day solemn observance has been planned for October 3-4 at the historic African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the Episcopal Church will take a monumental step and publicly apologize for its involvement in the institution of transatlantic slavery. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori will serve as celebrant and preacher at the October 4 service of repentance.

And then this...
...the House of Bishops, in marking the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, revisited its 1994 pastoral letter, "The Sin of Racism," which stated that "the essence of racism is prejudice coupled with power. It is rooted in the sin of pride and exclusivity which assumes 'that I and my kind are superior to others and therefore deserve special privileges.'" (emphasis mine, JK)

And yet that is exactly the same attitude manifested in the current push in both the Canadian and American Anglican organizations toward liberalized sexual attitudes, ignoring the vast majority in the worldwide Anglican Communion who are people of colour and therefore not as advanced as we white westerners.

The same applies here in Canada, where the government and churches have apologized all over the place to our aboriginal communities for former wrongs, yet many within the ACoC and several of its dioceses plunge determinedly ahead with their aim to bless SSB's, equally determinedly ignoring the heartfelt opinions of the majority of aboriginal Anglicans who, I believe, stand firmly in opposition. The arrogance, hypocrisy and near-sightedness of those in the dioceses of Montreal, Ottawa, Huron, New Westmisnter and Niagara who have voted in favour of proceeding with blessing sinful activity is just head-shaking.

We seem to be excellent at confessing the sins of our forefathers, not so good at recognizing our own.

Take Care

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