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Eric Liddell's Personal Creed

I have blogged regarding Eric Liddell before. Here, courtesy of 2 Worlds Collide is a little more...

"After the Olympics, Liddell returned to China, serving as a missionary from 1925-1943. He married Florence Mackenzie (the daughter of Canadian missionaries) in 1934, and the couple had three daughters: Patricia, Heather and Maureen. The 1930s were dangerous in China, especially for foreigners, yet Eric served in Siaochang with his older brother, Rob. In 1941 the British government advised its citizens to evacuate the nation. Florence and the girls departed for Canada, but Liddell remained in Tientsin between 1941-1943. He was forced to enter a prison camp in Weishien. He lived out his faith courageously at the camp, caring for the sick and elderly, teaching the youth Bible studies and other subjects, boosting morale through arranging sporting events, and feeding the enemy by preparing meals for the Japanese guards. Liddell died in the camp in 1945, just months prior to the end of the war, from a brain tumor. His last words were, “It’s complete surrender.” After his death his remains were later interred in the Mausoleum of Martyrs in Shijazhuang, a great honor for a non-Chinese individual. His passing was mourned deeply not only by those at the internment camp in Weihsien, but by all of Scotland.

While in the camp, Liddell wrote a small work intended to teach others basic doctrine and the importance of personal devotional - The Disciplines of the Christian Life. Within the pages of this small work, Liddell wrote his “personal” creed. It didn’t supplant his affirmation of the historic Christian creeds, by any means, but was intended to demonstrate verbally the importance of living for God with every fiber of one’s being. Eric Liddell, whose life demonstrates the reality and importance of living out one’s theology, confessed:

I believe in God the Father, Almighty, Creator,
infinitely holy and loving,
who has a plan for the world, a plan for my life,
and some daily work for me to do.
I believe in Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God,
as Example, Lord, and Savior.
I believe in the Holy Spirit who is able to guide my life
so that I may know God’s will;
and I am prepared to allow him to guide and control my life.
I believe in God’s law that I should love the Lord my God
with all my heart, and with all my soul,
and with all my mind, and with all my strength;
and my neighbor as myself.
I believe it is God’s will that the whole world
should be without any barriers of race, color, class,
or anything else that breaks the spirit of fellowship.
To believe means to believe with the mind and heart,
to accept, and to act accordingly on that basis.

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