Monday, 23 June 2008

"Progressive" Arrogance

Al Mohler posts on the impending breakup of the worldwide Anglican Communion. There is a conference underway in Jerusalem by conservative Anglican bishops called tha Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON). A good place to start finding information on it, for anyone who is interested, would be Here

Dr Mohler quotes from Archbishop Peter Akinola,
"Having survived the inhuman physical slavery of the 19th century, the political slavery called colonialism of the 20th century, the developing world economic enslavement, we cannot, we dare not, allow ourselves and the millions we represent to be kept in a religious and spiritual dungeon."

"We will not abdicate our God-given responsibility and simply acquiesce to destructive modern cultural and political dictates."

And this gets precisely to the point. "Progressives" in the Anglican, or any other church, who are now seeking to take their thinking past traditional Scripture-based authority, possess an incredible arrogance that, although they themselves seem to be blind to it, anyone thinking or observing impartially, should be able to recognize clearly.

It is the attitude that we white people know better than those ignorant little brown (or red) people. I say, "red" people, because here in Canada we have recently had an apology issued by our government over the abuse suffered by our Native people under the residential school system. This system was at the time seen as the right and progressive thing to do, but in hindsight, any honest person should be able to see the cultural arrogance of white Canada behind it. This attitude is the same as we see now in the North American liberal churches who see it as their God-given right to change the Christian faith according to their own whims and opinions, regardless of what the rest of the non-white world thinks or says. Because it is now the "third world" churches who are holding to the faith they received, ironically through white Europeans, while modern western society seems determined to depart from it at 90 degrees, as quickly, blatantly and deliberately as possible.

It is, once again, the attitude that, "we know better" than the "savages." Oddly enough, these so-called progressives would probably be the first and the loudest to condemn the injustice in this thinking if they suspected it in others, if only they could see it in themselves.

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