Thursday, 8 May 2008

More on Child Poverty

Once again, it's the 800 lb gorilla no politically correct politician or do-gooder can admit exists. It's the connection between child poverty, single parenthood and the abandonment of what we once would have known as right morality.

Steven Malanga writes in the City Journal.
Whereas fewer than 10 percent of children living with two parents live below the poverty line, about 37 percent of those living with single mothers do. Kids born out of wedlock are particularly likely to wind up in poverty. In 2007, half of all women who had children out of wedlock were in poverty, ensuring that their children wound up there, too...

...According to 2007 census data, only 28 percent of unwed mothers who gave birth last year were living with a partner. Such arrangements do not augur well for men’s making lifetime commitments to their kids’ support and development...

...We long ago destigmatized this form of parenthood: young men boast about the children they’ve fathered illegitimately, and young women seem unaware that such births are a superhighway to lifetime poverty for them and their kids.

And you can be sure that the problem will only continue to worsen as long as the real cause is not to be named.

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