Sunday, 4 May 2008

An Inherent Contradiction

From the link in my post two below this one, editor and publisher of the United Church Observer David Wilson says,
“There is an inherent beauty in the theory of natural selection that illuminates the inherent beauty and wonder of creation,”

In fact, there is an inherent contradiction between the theory of natural selection and the inherent beauty and wonder of creation.

I must mention this one small aspect of the matter, and I don't mean to put too fine a theological point on it, but it just came into my mind and stuck there.

It is this. Natural selection necessarily involves the dominance of the weak by the strong. God, on the other hand, in so many instances, takes just the opposite approach. He exalts the weak but humbles the strong. He calls for the protection of the weak, the poor, the defenselesss. Natural selection involves just the opposite: the weak and defenseless are devoured and eliminated by the strong. That is the basis of the whole theory.

It seems to me that in this, as in so many other ways, the concepts of Creation and evolution just cannot mix.

Take Care

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