Friday, 4 April 2008

Letter from the Federation

I know I am late with this, as far as my anglican friends are concerned, but for others, The Federation branch of Anglican Essentials (representing those who have chosen to try to work for a return to orthodoxy and yet remain within the Anglican Church of Canada)have come out with a statement Here...

From it...
While same sex blessings are only one barometer of this fundamental shift in Church teaching, it is the most visible indication of a Church that is abandoning Biblical Christian doctrine and historic Anglican practice.

I believe it is time for all Anglicans, as individuals and a congregations, to declare where they stand, and declare it boldly, not only on same sex blessings, but on issues such as:
The deity of Christ
Original sin
The Virgin birth
The physical resurrection of Christ
The inspiration, inerrancy and authority of Scripture
Salvation by grace alone through faith alone
Christ as the only way to the Father
The feminization of God

Have I left any out?

I believe that each of the above doctrinal issues are necesssary pillars of the true Christian faith, and when they begin to be removed, the whole thing starts to collapse.

Many of our churches are abandoning these traditional Christian tenets and are therefore becoming part, not of Christian, but new religions. They are trying to retain the name, "Christian" but are, indeed, co-opting it in the name of someting entirely new and different.

Take Care

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