Wednesday, 5 March 2008

This is Too Good to Pass Up

From "Musings from the Muse"...
The Superior Court of Ontario decision on the two parishes in Niagara - that is, should the Diocese be allowed to hold worship services in the parish buildings -- is now published. This part of the judge's decision shows the transparent paucity of the diocese's case.
The Diocese says that it wishes to conduct services for a certain number of parishioners who left the parish before the votes because they were not comfortable with the direction the incumbents were going, and who wish to return to their ancestral church, to which they are highly attached, now that it is under Diocesan control. I find that implausible...
...Rev. Wells (for the diocese? JK) describes these former parishioners in her affidavit as “conservative Anglicans”. It was clarified for me in argument that this means Anglicans who tend to the doctrinal view of the defendants. It... seems unlikely to me that persons who are highly attached to their ancestral parish would leave because of doctrinal agreement with the incumbent, and then wish to return once he has been replaced by a trustee with whom they disagree on doctrine.

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