Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Return To The Fold? Unfortunately, Probably Not.

I keep meaning to post on something other than what's happening in the Anglican Church these days, but, well... there's just so much material in that area.

Here's an excellent piece by Susan Martinuk of the National Post. Even the secular media can see the truth of the matter. Even the world knows hypocrisy when they see it.
The greatest irony is that Bishop Ingham and other Church leaders, who openly and deliberately defied the authority of global Church leaders, are now indignantly calling upon those same leaders to intervene and exert their authority over the so-called “dissident” Churches...

...something is seriously wrong when Church leaders have no qualms about defying Church doctrine (the central tenets and core beliefs of the faith), yet declare a schism and cry “disobedience” when the man-created lines of Church leadership are threatened.

I found it Here...

Now, the liberal side would argue that the issue of same-sex blessings is not "core" doctrine, as was affirmed in a motion passed at the last national synod of the church. Core doctrine, at that time, was defined as being "credal," in other words, being a point of doctrine mentioned in the great creeds of the faith. This is merely a matter of semantics to provide "wiggle room," in my humble opinion. The real issue is the authority of Scripture which, although not mentioned specifically in the creeds, should really be a pretty "core" doctrine of any church that would call itself in any sense, "Christian."

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