Thursday, 21 February 2008

Bishops of Niagara appoint new Administrators

For Immediate Release of Tuesday February 19th, Bishop Spence and Bishop Bird have appointed:
The Rev. Dr. Brian Ruttan as administrator of St. Hilda’s Church in Oakville and
The Rev. Susan Wells as administrator of St. George’s, Lowville.
The previous rectors have been suspended from their responsibilities until further notice.

...The buildings and their contents belong to all the people in the Niagara Diocese –not to a small or local group. The doors of these parishes are open to all parishioners previous and present who wish to walk in unity with the diocese of Niagara and the Anglican Church of Canada.

The Ven. Michael Patterson, Executive Officer for the Diocese of
Niagara at 905.527.1316 ext 257 or
See it all Here...
there is an e-mail contact at the bottom of the letter. I sent them this comment:
And why has your diocese threatened to walk apart from the rest of the Anglican communion? Your actions are a reprehensible witness to the world. Do you think Jesus would have done what you have done? I don't think so.
Why not say, as we do to close every service, "Go in peace to love and serve the Lord?"

Take Care

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