Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Bill Cosby Was Right.

Bill Cosby used to do a comedy routine called “Brain Damage,” in which he claimed that the only explanation for some children’s behaviour was that “their brains weren’t fully developed yet.” I remember using it as a running joke with my own daughters whenever we disagreed on something. Whenever they wanted something, or to do something that just didn’t make sense (an occurrence that was not all that uncommon as they progressed through their teen years) I would tell them, “That’s because your brain isn’t fully developed yet.”

In another running game I had with them in any of these friendly disagreements they would quote to me (out of the NIV), Ephesians 6:4:...

“Fathers, do not exasperate your children…”

...to which I would then answer with the rest of the verse,

“…instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”

I don’t know whether or not I was aware at the time of any basis in science for Mr. Cosby’s claim, but it turns out now that he was exactly right. There was an article in last Saturday's paper on this very subject, this time without the comedy.

It’s interesting that our society seems to be wanting to grant teenagers more and more responsibility and even authority, in areas such as sexual activity, alcohol consumption, and voting rights, for example, when often they are clearly not ready for it. Obviously, the teens themselves think they are, but adults of this generation often seem almost to be intimidated by their own children, afraid of the confrontation involved in telling them, “No.”

May God raise up a generation of young people with more sense than some of their parents.

Take Care

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