Saturday, 23 December 2006

Ask The Next Question II

One of the things which led me to the opinion that belief in God was a reasonable position was this, from Dr Walter Martin.

Simply put, either something in the universe is eternal, or something came from nothing. Science and reason will tell us that to think that something can come from nothing is absurd. So we are left with the idea that something has been here forever. In that case, there are two possibilities: this “something” must be either matter or the Creator of matter.

One might look at the world around us and ask, “How did all this get here?” Now, we might start by thinking the question means, “How did the world get to be the way it is?” but that is not what must be asked. There are many theories of how it came to be the way it is as we know it today. There are natural and supernatural explanations, secular and religious, but that is not the point. Whether a supernatural Being created it much as it is now, or whether it is the result of billions of years of random and undirected evolution and development is, for the moment, beside the point. The question we must ask is this; “Where did the original atoms and molecules come from to begin the whole process?” Have they been here forever, or were they created. We are faced with two possibilities; one physical, one Divine. Something is eternal. What is more reasonable to believe; that matter is eternal, or that there is an eternal Creator of matter? Ultimately it comes down to the question, “Is there a spiritual realm aside from what we know in the physical scheme of things?” Mulling this question over and over, I began to come to the conclusion that it was at least as reasonable to believe on the one hand that God existed as that, on the other, either matter has existed forever without cause or that it somehow sprang into being, uncaused, from nothing. The more I thought about it, the more reasonable it appeared. Physically, science will tell us, one cannot have an effect without a cause. In other words, for everything that now exists, there was a cause. I became convinced that this ultimate “Cause” was God.

Another point to consider is this: most scientists agree that the universe had a beginning. It is popularly known as the “Big Bang Theory.” There is no conflict here with the Bible, which also states this theory in its very first verse. They will also tell us that the universe is winding down. If in fact the universe is eternal, yet it can be demonstrated that it will eventually end, then it must, by necessity, already have ended. That is, if it has existed from infinity past, and began deteriorating from that point at a measurable rate, then it would have disappeared, in theory, an infinity of time ago. Infinity minus one is still infinity. Infinity minus any number is still infinity. If it is not, it wasn’t infinity to begin with.

God exists! If you want to get closer to finding the answers, keep asking questions.

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