Thursday, 15 February 2018

Millenials Etc.

Results of the, "self-esteem generation?" Increased suicides, deaths from drug overdoses and depression among the young. Lowest actual self-esteem of any previous generation. We owe young people better, but we still don't learn. Just in the last couple of days I've seen stories on schools that don't allow girls to say, "No" to a boy who asks them to dance, and schools considering banning students from having, "best friends" all in the name of inclusiveness and self esteem.

Watch this entire video. Simon Sinek is captivating, and touches on another of my pet peeves - kids with smart phones. Not only, as Simon says, are they addicting, there are so many dangers hiding on the internet, from predators in chat rooms to addicting internet porn.

Someone else on Facebook posted that one day in the future we'll look back and see allowing kids to have smartphones in the same light as we now look back and shake our heads at when we didn't buckle them up with seatbelts in the car.

Take Care

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