Tuesday, 13 February 2018

As usual, I enjoy Mark's perspective. I remember the Rwandan genocide, but only vaguely, but for some reason the impotent UN policy of no armed intervention was considered the right way to do things, and multitudes died. I remember more clearly the troubles suffered by General Dallaire in its aftermath and his return to Canada.

I'm also thinking of President Donald Trump's (probably ill-advised) reference to sh*thole countries and the sh*tstorm it has raised. Emotions and partisanship aside, there are, like it or not, such countries. It has nothing to do with racism, as is the accusation of many. It's just a statement, however insensitive, of reality. There really are such countries. If you don't believe it, pick one of these countries and ask yourself if you would emigrate with your family there. There's a reason why emigration/migration seems to in one direction only; that is from so-called third world countries to the so-called first world.

Interesting how the present becomes history - how we may look back, in years to come, on policies of today and say, "What were they thinking?" Every generation thinks they are right, and better than the previous, but chronological progression is not necessarily true progress.

Our present will indeed one day be a future generation's history. Whatever our culture today, and its ultimate destiny, it will one day be words on a page, studied in whatever at that time serves as schools.

Just sayin'.

Take Care

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