Sunday, 21 May 2017

Persecution of the Christian Church in Egypt

I'm reading a book. There is a section on the persecution against the Church in Egypt. It speaks of persecution so intense that even the survival of the Church there can only be attributed to the grace of God.

Churches closed - many desecrated, burned, destroyed. Christianity made illegal; clergy especially targeted - beaten, imprisoned, killed. It tells of all Christians suffering for their faith, with no public places left to worship and no clergy left to lead services.


The book is on the life of Athanasius, and this persecution took place between the years 311 and 313.

Two quotes come to mind:

  1. "There is no new news; only old news happening to new people" - Malcolm Muggeridge
  2. "...I will build my church and the gates of hell will not overcome it." - Jesus Christ
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Sunday, 7 May 2017

More of LC17

5562 (Capacity) at Royal Albert Hall
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Church at HTB (Holy Trinity Brompton, Anglican, if you were wondering)

Nicky and Pippa Gumbel
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Beyond Belief

In London for Alpha's Leadership Conference, Eva and I visited Kew Gardens, Royal 
Botanical Gardens. I was struck by the amazing variety of plants and trees - thousands in fact, in just these acres of gardens, and all so different, from every corner of the world.

I found myself thinking once again about evolution. As difficult as it is to believe something as complicated as animals and humans descended from a common ancestor, this visit made it even more difficult to fathom how anyone could think it made more sense that these all developed by a series of accidental mutations from a single... whatever, than that there is a God who brought them into being.

Of course the atheist has put himself in a position where he cannot consider this because he has rejected the option of there being such a supernatural creative Being. The atheist claims to demand evidence, but then rejects any evidence that is not in keeping with his presuppositions. "Evidence" for God is all around, including the evidence that there is, 'something rather than nothing,' and the extremely complicated variety of everything there is. As difficult as it is to imagine all this happening by accident, the atheist must insist that it did, because his presumptions prevent him from thinking anything else.

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