Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Good Night Louise

I was searching my video files for an Alpha video teaser to include with a post on my other blog when I found this, buried in the archives.

Leo Kottke is one of my favourite guitarists, but this song I found especially touching when I first heard it. I think it's partly because I have two daughters of my own whom I loved dearly as they were growing up (still do) and partly because of the women I met when I was coordinating Alpha in the Fort Saskatchewan Provincial Prison.

I now have two granddaughters in or approaching their teen years, and I ache for girls who suffer abuse, or are in unfortunate circumstances because their lives have been shaped by the abuse they have suffered. Sexual abuse, to me, is the worst kind, because in the face of sexual temptation, some men seem to have no conscience, no empathy or sympathy for the girl or woman who I think they must just see merely as a means to satisfy their immediate urges.

And many women seem trapped in the vicious circle of their lifestyle, unable to escape. Perhaps it's all they know and feel lost stepping out of that familiar territory. Perhaps because it's all they know, they literally cannot leave it because there are no other real options. I can remember speaking with female inmates and them telling me their dreams of a normal life upon release, but in some cases I winced, because I was sure their dreams were beyond reality because of the skills they would need, but didn't have, to accomplish them. I recall one particularly poignant episode here.

So goodnight, all you Louises out there.


Take Care

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