Thursday, 5 January 2017

Afraid to Say Merry Christmas

The day before Christmas I was out doing some shopping. Every store I went to, the clerk said, "Have a nice day." And every time they did, I said, "That sounds kind of lame on Christmas eve. Aren't you allowed to say 'Merry Christmas?'"

Some then wished me a half-hearted Merry Christmas. One said, "You don't know who you're talking to." I wonder, why should it make a difference. Now, I'm not one of those, 'Let's keep Christ in Christmas' folks. Keeping Christ in Christmas has nothing to do with true faith in Christ. To those who have such a faith, Christ never left Christmas. To those without it it's irrelevant.

But I find it interesting how we have cloaked our traditions, so to speak, for the sake of... what? Typical Canadian deference? Embarrassment? Fear of offending someone? Who? There is a YouTube video of a Sikh gentleman encouraging the use of 'Merry Christmas." At a convenience store I often visit the staff are all Hindus, and are not insulted by "Merry Christmas," and not afraid to say it. Frankly, I suspect the only ones who might be truly offended might be militant atheists bent on removing all vestiges of religion from the public square, and who cares if they're offended. 😌

In any case, finally I walked in to another local gas station/convenience store after filling up my tank, and saw this sign. The clerk behind the counter spoke with an accent. I often patronize this store and the staff all seem to be newer Canadians. I told him how nice it was to see his sign and asked if the store was owned by Christians.

"No," he said, "We are all Muslims."

Now, who are we afraid of insulting?

No editorial, just found it interesting.

Take Care


Warren said...

As you've suggested, I think that most non-Christians are not offended when wished Merry Christmas (and may heartily return the greeting). I suspect, however, that few of them even think of Christmas as a religious holiday. It's just a nice occasion for friends and family to eat, party and give each other stuff. I suggest that, at Easter, you greet the same people you mentioned in your post with "Christ is risen" and report back with your findings. ;)

John K said...

That would be interesting, but I suspect many to whom that was declared might reply, "What? Who?" Then if I replied, "Jesus" they'd probably just respond, "Oh," turn to a co-worker and roll their eyes after I'd gone.