Friday, 29 April 2016

Something's Happening Here, What it is Ain't Exactly Clear

Stop! Hey! What's that sound...

I think it must be the sound of common sense going down the drain.

I was just thinking about the general reaction to the law passed in North Carolina regarding  men's and women's bathroom use, enforcing traditional gender use. Such hypocrisy! Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert there, even though his home state, New Jersey, has similar legislation on the books. Apparently Apple is condemning the law as hateful toward the LGBTQ community, even though they do business quite happily in Saudi Arabia where they kill gays. Apparently being beheaded or thrown from the top of a building is not as traumatic as not being able to use one's bathroom of choice.

One thing I would like to see asked of all those jumping on the bandwagon of accusing the ones who passed this law of being bigots and haters, "Exactly when did you come to the position you now hold, that one's gender is not established biologically, buy according to feelings?" My sense is that many have arrived at this opinion relatively recently.

So my next question would be, "What were you previous to that; a bigot and a hater?"  

Just sayin'

Take Care

PS: I just noticed in the video there's a shot of a crowd rocking (and perhaps damaging) a 1961 Chev Impala bubble top 2 door hardtop - That's practically sacrilegious!


Warren said...

Bathroom use is just one element of the NC law - it goes beyond that. Your assertion that NJ "has similar legislation on the books" contradicts what I've read. My understanding is that the NJ legislature is currently considering a bill to restrict travel of government employees to NC because of the new law; and Gov Christie has said that he likely would not sign a transgender bathroom law. Accordingly your accusation of hypocrisy on the part of Bruce Springsteen appears to be unfounded. As a general response to your question (and to my shame), I plead guilty to holding views in the past that I now look upon as being bigoted and hateful. The older I get the less dogmatic I become on a range of issues. Apparently I was much smarter when I was in my 20s.

Anonymous said...

Weren't we all! And I too have mellowed in certain respects. I believe I've actually had a transgendered woman on one of my Alpha teams. I do have a certain sympathy for someone in that position. But I still don't think it a good idea for someone, "fully male equipped" to be loose in girls' shower rooms. As for the New Jersey thing, I saw it online and am trying to find it again. I suppose I should really be more diligent in what I accept as true, eh?

John K said...

PS: my main point here concerns how people who come to a different stand on some issue, or in some area, seem to think those who think now exactly as they did formerly, are suddenly so evil. As someone once said, "There is none so promiscuous as the recently deflowered virgin."

Warren said...

I tend to agree with you regarding shower use, but I think the fears about bathroom use have been blown totally out of proportion and have been whipped up by politicians to further political ends. I'm sure you have seen pictures, as I have, of transgender "men" who could pass inspection as a biker gang members - and who now must legally use the women's bathroom in NC. This concerns me and I hope the law will be equally harsh on anyone harassing them for following the new law. Unfortunately, I suspect that scenarios as discussed in this video are going to become increasingly common:

I know that common sense is often not very common, but my common sense tell me that a new law was not needed.