Monday, 21 March 2016

Front Page News

This story rated a, "front page" position on Yahoo.
Interesting what we take as news these days. Interesting what we think is important. I'm not saying the chef was right (he wasn't), but I think it's interesting today what kind of story goes "viral." We are a people of bandwagons, and this seems to be one of the current ones.
I'm now not even talking about the Yahoo story, but there seems to be an attitude of "over tolerance," where it is cool to be gay, or transgendered, or in fact anything opposed to what we might call, "traditional sexual morality," and cool to be tolerant of them. But it is totally uncool to be against these new progressive ideals. It's not just tolerance of the new, it's affirmation, and those who hold traditional views are in fact, not tolerated at all.

How quickly have we seen it become a good idea for boys to be allowed into girl's change rooms, or to be introducing children to explicit, "sex education" way before they are ready for it?

Those who disagree with the current, "cool" narrative are quickly referred to as, "haters." It seems odd to me that those who are most in favour of tolerance are so quick to use the term, "hater" for others who merely disagree with them.

To try to give some of what I'm trying to say, I'd say it shows some kind of deep flaw in our cultural consciousness. We're doomed, people.

Just sayin'

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Warren said...

I'm not sure what you mean by "these days". I think it would have been considered rude for a chef to have told two female patrons that they "need a man" when you and I were kids. As a Valentine's Day human interest story I don't find it surprising that it was picked up by a news service (probably from Facebook or Twitter) and I'm not sure what you mean by going viral. Trivial stories on CBC get similar numbers of comments on a daily basis. If it has gone viral, you've helped the cause. ;)

John K said...

Hey Warren,
By, "these days" I meant what kind of story made big news, not what behaviour is or was acceptable. Maybe it's just the ease of communication through social media, but I suspect not. I think it kind of ties in with the "right" not to be bullied or even insulted. Back in the day I don't think such an insult would have been national news.