Monday, 18 January 2016

Been a While, But This Is Fascinating


This was written in 1937 but its content could just as easily apply much closer to modern times. What is amazing is that Mencken was an atheist, but it seems to me an example of an honourable man recognizing integrity in another, in spite of fundamental disagreements. Such intellectual civility would seem impossible today.

A few quotes from the piece:
    • He saw clearly that the only effects that could follow diluting and polluting Christianity in the Modernist manner would be its complete abandonment and ruin. Either it was true or it was not true. If, as he believed, it was true, then there could be no compromise with persons who sought to whittle away its essential postulates, however respectable their motives.
    • On the one hand they sought to retain membership in the fellowship of the faithful, but on the other hand they presumed to repeal and reenact with amendments the body of doctrine on which that fellowship rested.
    • ...the body of doctrine known as Modernism is completely incompatible, not only with anything rationally describable as Christianity, but also with anything deserving to pass as religion in general.
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