Tuesday, 9 June 2015

I Saw A Sex Tape

Before I go any further, I must try to explain. You may accept my explanation; you may not. After all, this is a faith-based blog, and I am taking a large chance even talking about this video, let alone admitting I saw it. You may choose to read no further, because even my description and opinion of it may be considered too graphic to some. I post this only as my reflection on how far we have fallen as a culture and as a society, and why I despair for our future.

You may remember Emma Sulkowicz, the co-ed at Columbia University who claimed to have been raped, but which accusation later proved to be false.

Nevertheless, she carried a mattress around with her in protest wherever she went, even on to the stage at her graduation. In spite of her lying about the alleged rape, she has been hailed as a hero among feminists and those who claim to be concerned with the, "rape culture" ostensibly prevalent on college campuses.

Well, Ms Sulkowicz, in my opinion, has set her cause well back with the release of a sex tape, made in her dorm room, of a fairly mechanical sexual encounter between her and a male partner. I would think this would discredit her in the minds of any reasonable person, and in all but her most blinded admirers. Needless to say, I'll not link to it here.

Now, you may think of describing porn as revolting, repulsive or disgusting, but this video wasn't even porn. The best way to describe the video was, "pathetic." Rather sad, actually. All the intimacy of an overweight bull servicing a cow. He might just as well have masturbated and she might just as well have been a piece of Kleenex. After he was finished he didn't even bother to get dressed. He just got up, gathered up his clothes and left the room - naked. That may be an interesting insight into the culture of the college dorm, that it may be quite normal to see a guy leaving a girls room naked, with his clothes gathered up in his arms. If this is an indication of the current college hookup culture, one should despair for the future of our society. At the end of the encounter, she rolled over into a fetal position facing the wall and remained thus for a time. It is almost like she was ashamed, or perhaps unfulfilled. In other words, one might imagine that such impersonal sexual encounters on campus may be an attempt to find love or intimacy, but which encounters ultimately fail and disappoint.

And this was in a college dorm room. There was a bookcase clearly visible with NOT A SINGLE BOOK ON IT! You can tell by just that fact, that this girl's focus was probably not on any particular higher level of learning. In fact, Ms Sulkowwicz's final thesis for her visual arts course, was to do nothing more than carry this mattress around the campus. And she graduated! The university graduated her! I'm not sure anything more need be said.

In the end, to bring us back to the subject of faith, there is really only one relationship that will ultimately satisfy - one with God, our Creator, through His Son, Jesus Christ. If only those who search so earnestly for it in all the wrong places could just see. We Christians should be doing all we can to help them do just that; see the truth. #RunAlpha.

Take Care

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