Monday, 29 June 2015

Don't Believe Me Just Watch

To quote a line from Uptown Funk.

The U.S. Supreme Court has made gay marriage legal in all 50 states. Now first let me say I am not opposed to gay marriage in the secular world. In fact I am neutral. It was inevitable and something that was obviously going to happen. But I have a few thoughts.

First of all, gay marriage will not destroy the institution of marriage. The hetero world has already accomplished that quite well, thank you very much, thanks to adultery, easy divorce, internet porn, the acceptance of common law relationships as equivalent, etc.

But let me tell you a few things that will happen as a result of this decision.
  • The record of discrimination will be flipped to the B-side. Whereas in the past there was no doubt discrimination against people of same sex orientation, the case will not now be that discrimination will cease. It will just be reversed. Those who, in conscience, feel they cannot approve of same sex marriage, will now suffer the discrimination. And it's not only the ones who feel they cannot bake cakes, or take pictures for gay weddings, but even voicing a dissenting opinion (the one that until relatively recently was held by Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and Michael Coren) will earn you accusations of hating and personal vilification. Just look at any comment board where the prevailing opinion is in agreement with the Supreme Court decision,and where anyone attempts to defend, "traditional" marriage.
  • Pressure will mount for the government to remove the charitable status of any church or organization who does not toe the new line. Not to single out gays, but there is a tendency on what I will call the progressive side not to tolerate anyone with a different opinion. Disagreement cannot be tolerated but must be vilified, even penalized.
  • New movements of various sexual proclivities will now push for acceptance. This has already begun. I was actually wrong in my prediction some time ago that paedophilia would be next, because we've already seen the next issue - that of gender identity. One now already, it seems, has the right to decide whatever gender, or even, I suppose, non-gender one wants to be, regardless of what plumbing one was born with and even whether or not one decides to keep it or lose it. But paedophilia will almost certainly be coming. Already there is a move to have it labelled a sexual orientation, and once that happens, the courts will almost certainly have to include it as such as a human right. This is not to say that the same people who fought for gay rights will be the ones lobbying for, "intergenerational sex," as its proponents are wont to call it. There are paedophiles of both homo- and hetero- persuasions, but the advances accomplished by gays will no doubt embolden the paedophile community. I don't know when we'll see the first adult/child love relationship on prime-time TV, and it's hard to imagine right now, but I won't be surprised when it comes.
Having said all that, let me say that I'm not a campaigner, just an observer. As Jerry Seinfeld said in one of his routines, "I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'"

 Here is a very helpful and well thought out article, linked to by my friend Terry. The author makes five basic points, all of which we as Christians would do well to ponder and remember.
  1. The church has always been counter-cultural.
  2. It’s actually strange to ask non-Christians to hold Christian values.
  3. We’ve been dealing with sex outside of traditional marriage for a LONG time.
  4. The early church never looked to the government for guidance or lobbied it to change policies.
  5. Our judgment of LGBT people is destroying any potential relationship.
There are two kingdoms, that of the world and that of God. Only one will last. We Christians would be far better spending our time working to see people transferred into the latter, than harping about what's wrong with the former.

Take Care

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