Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Intolerance of Tolerance

A quote from, "Truth Matters",
Copyright © 2014 by Andreas KĂ–stenberger, Darrell Bock, and Josh Chatraw
A recent Harvard graduate, quoted in D. A. Carson’s book The Intolerance of Tolerance, made this point in a speech delivered at commencement: “They tell us it’s heresy to suggest the superiority of some value, fantasy to believe in moral argument, slavery to submit to a judgment sounder than our own. The freedom of our day is freedom to devote ourselves to any values we please, on the mere condition that we do not believe them to be true.
I thought it was an interesting way of putting it. The emphasis is mine

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Destroy a Church in Four Easy Steps?

Here's how
A short time ago I learned of a church building in our neighborhood that was for sale... ...we thought we should go and give it a look. This had once been a thriving congregation. Faithful Christians had given sacrificially to construct that building. They had consecrated it to the Lord and had worshipped there for many years. Yet now that building was deserted, decaying, and up for sale.
Friends and I talked about this yesterday - Why do some churches think that by accommodating to the culture they will attract new members? They must be convinced that by widening, but at the same time shallowing their standards, they will bring floods of new people to their doors. But it NEVER happens, and they keep doing it!

Well, you know what they say about the definition of insanity...

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Is It True?

The most important thing to be asked about the Christian Faith is not,
  • "Is it helpful?"
  • "Will it make me happy?"
  • "Will it give me a better life?"
  • "Will I prosper financially?" or even
  • "Will it bring me peace"?
  • "Is it true?
Because if it is not true, nothing else matters for very long anyway. No matter how happy, rich, successful or famous one is in life, it will, at one time or other, be over and, for most of us, after perhaps a period of mourning by those close to us, the world will carry on as if we were never here.
But if it is true, it has enormous, even infinite significance, because eternity is at stake.
As C.S. Lewis said,
Christianity, if it is not true, is of no importance. If true, it is of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.
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Saturday, 19 April 2014

An Alpha Diary - New Blog

I have started a new blog, specifically devoted to my thoughts and duties as Alberta Regional Director with Alpha Canada.

Find it here

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Answer to Warren's Last Question

Warren asked: "Would you apply your criticism to Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada - and many Canadian Governments, both Liberal and Conservative, over many years?"

Hi Warren,
Yes, but perhaps even more so. It seems to me that the Great Society and the War on Poverty, whatever we see as the unintended consequences looking back, were sincere attempts to help the, ”targets,” if you like, of the programs. In other words, I believe those policies were put into place, however badly they may have turned out,  with the sincere belief they would be effective in accomplishing the idealistic goals of those who envisioned them. The cultural results as argued in West’s book, I don’t believe, were what was hoped to be accomplished.
Policies regarding our own Native Peoples, on the other hand had little if anything to do with our concern for their wellbeing. I don’t believe those who put into place those policies on residential schools, for instance, had any thought at all about the true welfare of the native children sent to them. Rather, they tried to take away their language, identity and culture.

This goes to my harping, on several occasions, about, “bandwagons.” It was about the same time as so-called, “progressives” were on the eugenics bandwagon, when Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and others thought the way to a better society was to eliminate the weak, the infirm and the, “less fit” races . We may look back on it now, raise our noses, and sniff that WE would never be a part of such things, but I’m afraid that many who think that self-righteous way now may very well have been right onboard, back in the day. Forced sterilization continued in Alberta until quite recent memory.
These programs were nothing to do with the care and welfare of those targeted, but everything to do with an elitist view of bettering society, a view and practise that we now see as entirely unacceptable. They may have sincerely thought that this was for the betterment of society, but it was completely selfish of them, in that they thought only of bettering their own society.

Are there issues today that I see in the same light? Yes. Being the right-wing conservative that I am I see the death of freedom of conscious and the call to spend billions on, “climate change” as current issues upon which people may someday look back and see our mistakes. Gay marriage? Not really. Some claim that gay marriage will lead to the disintegration of the family, but that horse left the barn ages ago with the acceptance of common-law relationships as equivalent to marriage.
Not sure this addresses the entire issue. I got your comment in a motel in Medicine Hat. I am writing this answer in a Super 8 in Lethbridge. As far as solutions to the problems resulting from our treatment of our Native Peoples, that's another matter, and I'm afraid my ideas would be totally politically uncorrect.
Anyway, those are a few of my thoughts. Hope we're still friends.

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

All The Best Intentions?

I couldn't help but be touched by excerpts from a new book by former Congressman and retired Lieutenant Army Colonel Allen West, an African American himself, “Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom.”
How misguided policies, however well intended, (if that is what they are, or were) can have serious and unforeseen consequences difficult to undo. Residential schools in our own history, "climate change" or shutting down freedom of speech and conscience in the name of tolerance in our own generation?

From here...

LBJ and the Great Society promoted the disintegration of the black community. 

“When I revisit my neighborhood in Atlanta, I see the blight facing most urban neighborhoods: Section 8 housing, food stamps, EBT card signs, and the breakdown of the family. Of all the consequences of the Great Society programs and the War on Poverty, intended or otherwise, the destruction of the black family has been the most disastrous. More than 70 percent of black children are born outside of marriage. That is an epidemic. And if you take into account the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s statistics that close to three hundred thousand black babies are aborted annually, are we looking at racial genocide?  

The brilliant idea for this tragedy came from the progressive socialists of the Johnson administration who thought government should provide welfare payments to women who purposely had children out of wedlock and did not seek to get married or have a male living in the same home. 

In other words, the Johnson administration was promoting the disintegration of the moral fiber of the black community. Furthermore, the government would send our social workers to inspect the households and ensure there were no males residing in the home, because if there were, the benefits would be cut off. As long as women remained single, they could stay on these programs and receive free health care, housing, and babysitting services for life.

The most dangerous consequence of President Johnson’s misguided policy is the abdication of individual responsibility in the black community.” 

“When Booker T. Washington talked about education, self-reliance and entrepreneurship, he was describing economic independence. But the Great Society has left a legacy of economic dependence, a new form of slavery, and to me, a far more dangerous one, because it destroys the will and determination to excel. As President Franklin Roosevelt said, welfare is “a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.” And that is what I see when I go back to the ol’ Fourth Ward and drive along Boulevard… 

The Great Society has turned out to be a big lie, and sadly, those in my community who bought into it are stuck on the twenty-first-century plantation.”