Thursday, 27 March 2014

Update on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

In light of the seemingly endless coverage, especially by CNN, who seem to think there is no other news, nothing else happening worth covering, in the entire world, I present this update from my brother in Ontario:

I'd like to you tell what a special morning I had.  It started as usual, up at 7:30, into my pajama bottoms and housecoat, toast with peanut butter and jam, coffee and while the wife is puttering around preparing herself for work, I sit on the loveseat and look over the beautiful property we are privileged to enjoy.  I kiss her on each cheek, then stand on the porch while she backs out of the driveway.  As her car turns the corner and disappears from view, I do as I have done every morning for the last two weeks and head to the bathroom, scouring it for any possible debris from the missing Malaysian Airliner.  I check the light receptacles, the ceiling vent/fan, the toilet tank, behind the garbage basket, the toilet paper roll, the sink counter top, drawers and cupboard.  Looked everywhere, found nothing.  The phone rang.  It was a guy from Zhangjawanzhen, China, a suburb of the capital, Beijing.  He said, " Foo yung chew pow yen yong kow yang dung", which roughly translated means, he was studying space satellite images of the south Indian Ocean searching for evidence of a downed jet airliner, then he Googled my address.  Next, he asked me to go back to the room I'd just left as he saw a body of water with what appeared to be a airplane door floating on the surface.  I politely excused myself, placed his call on hold, went back to the bathroom and drew back the shower curtain.  Lo-and-behold, sure enough my wife, thoughtful as always, had drawn a bath for me and a hairbrush had slipped off the ledge and was bobbing on top.  I returned to his call and told him what I had uncovered and he said he would call the Australian Prime Minister and take back what he'd earlier reported to him.  I thought, you know, what a wonderful world we live in, I feel so very safe knowing half a world away someone is keeping an eye on me.  Then he said," U 2 phat 4 sum grey guy, nee wooze wate."  This did not need translating.  I swore at him and slammed the phone down as hard as I could.  It's a small world after all.   
Some may see this as cruel, but I thought it extremely funny. Perhaps it's just my warped sense of humour. Forgive me if you disagree.

Take Care

Monday, 24 March 2014

Divine or Man-Made?

Whiskey Tango FoxtrotMarch 23, 2014

“Religion is founded on a notion that it has teachings or scriptures from a divine (supernatural) source, and this source is provides insights into ultimate truths which can not be discerned by mere mortals investigating nature.
Any religious institution which believes it needs to modernise its beliefs is admitting that its beliefs have never had such a divine source – they are man-made and, like all man-made things, need to be modernised periodically. Consequently, that institution no longer represents a spiritual belief system, but is simply a political organisation which pretends to be founded on spiritual beliefs.”
Indeed! Churches are supposed to be like prophets crying in the wilderness, calling on “polite society” to repent. Welby, Schori & their ilk have completely turned the tables. Rather than seeking to reform and amend our lives to God’s plan, they are working overtime to change God to fit their own little boxes." (emphasis mine, JK)

Says a lot, I think,

Take Care,

h/t MCJ